Electric Solar Boating on the G&S Canal and the mighty Severn on Caracruiser Pike Lock Boat

In 2019 we decided to see if it was possible to convert our 40 year 

old Caracruiser to solar powered electric propulsion.

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G&S Clip

Longer Youtube K&A video

2021 - G&S and River Severn Trip

Having used solar power quire successfully for long trips o canals, we started to wonder if it was possible to use Pike Lock Boat on the River Severn - a navigation that strikes fear into some.  This trip took us from Saul Junction, currently the closest slipway to our home connected to the national network, right up to nearly Worcester and back on a four night excursion.

Pike Lock Boat, being solar powered, is rather underpowered for such a trip so careful planning was undertaken before setting off on what was to be our sunniest trip yet.

More to come......