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The Good Samaritan

Childrens story of the Good Samaritan

Here is video for you to watch of this story in Luke 10 v 25-37.
Can you think of something you can do for a family member or a neighbour or friend?
Perhaps you can make and  a card for someone?
Do a job for your parents without being asked first?
Post on our Facebook page what idea you came up with.

Youth story of the Good Samaritan

Here is a video to watch.
Read to story from the Bible.
Can you think of anyone who you could be kind to? 
Maybe you can text someone in your class who is bossed around by other people? Maybe you can talk to a grumpy elderly neighbour over the fence or offer to buy them some food
(but never get closer than 2 metres and only do this if you are completely well)
Let us know what you decided to do on our Facebook page.

The Good Samaritan for adults

Watch the following video on the Bible society's website to challenge your  perspective on this well known story.  
Look up the reading Luke 10 v 25-37. or follow the link below.
At this time how could you be a good Samaritan for someone? 
Offer to help a neighbour
(but never get closer than 2 metres and only do this if you are completely well)
Phone someone you have not spoken to in a long time and try to reinstate your friendship.

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