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Pslam 46 vs 10

Psalm 46 v 10 For kids

Have a listen to the song about this Psalm.
It doesnt mean that we need to be quiet but willing to let go and let God lead our lives.
If you are ready,pray and ask God to lead your life in a new way. 
Can you tell an adult? 
Maybe they can pray with you too?

Psalm 46 v 10 For youth

Read the following article and see if you can set asside a bit of time today to hear from God.
It can be hard when you are not used to it but put away your phone and give him some space.

Psalm 46 v 10 for adults

Have a listen to the words of the song.  Let it wash over you.
Now read the verse
Find out the true meaning of the verse
If you can finish in prayer asking God to stop you in your tracks, willing to change your ways for him in these difficult times.

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