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 Sundays (please check PewsNews for exceptions)

Sunday Mornings               11:00am

The second and third Sundays of the month are usually are a less formal Café style church where people sit around tables with drinks and usually includes one or more activities. It is suitable for all ages.

On other Sundays, activities can be made available if children and/or young people prefer not to remain in the main service

Sunday Night Praise           6:00pm (1st Sundays in the month)

There can be exceptions to the above and special events so please check PewsNews for variations.

Information for visitors
The morning services are conducted by members, by visiting Lay Preachers or our own people or minister.

Café church services are all age worship with everyone staying together. These often include craft activities, quizes and/or video stories. Coffee and other drinks are available at the start of the service with the additions of cakes at the end. There is an offering/opportunity to make a donation for those that want to but there is no charge for the drinks and cakes.

The other services usually follow a format of starting with a period of worship led by the music group. The remainder of the service is usually fairly transditional with hymns, choruses and/or modern worship songs, prayers, an offering and a Sermon. There is no need to dress up - wear what you feel comfortable in.

The Sunday Night Praise meetings are less formal with a time when those present can get involved. Visitors are welcome to come along and sing or play instruments and share ideas.

Eastington Methodist Church is part of the Gloucestershire Circuit

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