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Marston Meysey is the location of the second roundhouse on the T&S Canal. This is actually quite a distance away from the village itself and is really quite isolated towards the middle of the 5 mile pounds between Dudgrove and Eysey.

marston meysey roundhouse in 1980
Marston Meysey Roundhouse in 1980 and in 1976.

The roundhouse itself became uninhabited in the 1960s and, with the inverted roof stripped of its lead, soon started to decay. In the late 1970s, the C.W.S., the then owners, carried out some preventative works.

The roundhouse changed hands and in the mid 1980s and a rather unfortunate planning application was granted allowing a large house to be built adjacent to it with what looks like a gantry running between the new building and the roundhouse. The effect makes the roundhouse look like some sorts of a grain silo attached to a barn. Part of the same development obstructs the unfilled canal bed but there is plenty of room for a diversion here. Little time was lost in diverting the public footpath, which used to cross the adjacent bridge, so that the public no longer had access to this interesting site and the erection of high fences makes viewing difficult.

Marston Meysey Roundhouse in 2002

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