The Thames and Severn Canal

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....Whereas the making and maintaining a Canal, with a proper Collateral Cut, for the Navigation of Boats, Barges, and other Vessels, from the River Thames, or Isis, at some place at or near Lechlade, in the County of Gloucester, to join and communicate with a Navigable Cut or Canal, now made between the Town of Stroud and the River Severn, in the said County of Gloucester, will open an early Communication between the interior Parts of the Kingdom and the Port of London..... 1783 Act

No other canal seems to stir the emotions like the T&S Canal and despite years of neglect, disuse and abuse, most of it is still there; inspirational in its engineering boldness, stunning in its beauty, enigmatic and waiting for the day when once more boats will pass through its locks and the mighty tunnel at Sapperton.

These pages are dedicated to those back in the 18th Century who dared to dream the impossible and then made it happen, those who ran the canal for 140 years, those who, even 100 years ago, strived to keep it open and the current generation who have campaigned and worked as volunteers towards, God willing, its full restoration.

The struggle is not over but in spite of British Waterways unfortunate withdrawal from the project in early 2008, the Cotswold Canals remains at the top of the priority list of national canal restorations. Stroud District Council have taken over the lead in restoring the western end of the T&S Canal from Stroud to, and including, Brimscombe Port. The Cotswold Canals Trust is working elsewhere on the canal and a project is now underway to start restoration from the junction with the Thames at Inglesham with the support of the Inland Waterways Association and the Waterway Recovery Group. With the enthusiastic support of the Cotswold Canals Partnership, there is now a real prospect of eventually seeing the Thames and Severn as she once was - beautiful and in full working order.

  Cerney Wick Lock in 1904 Cerney Wick Lock in 1904

The following cover the canal from east to west (Thames to Stroud).

History & Pictures
Restoration Projects

Inglesham & Dudgrove
Marston Meysey
Cricklade & Latton
Cerney Wick
Boxwell Spring
South Cerney
Cirencester Arm
Summit - Siddington - Halfway
Summit - Halfway to Thames Head
Summit - Thames Head to Coates Portal
Sapperton Tunnel
Sapperton Portal to Daneway
Golden Valley
Chalford - Brimscombe
Brimscombe Port
Brimscombe - Stroud
Wallbridge - The Junction with the Stroudwater Navigation

Eisey Lock & Rucks Bridge Project

Halfway Bridge, Ewen

The Thames & Severn Canal in water

Technical Information about the T&S
Stroudwater Navigation
Canal History
The Cotswold Canals Trust

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