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Background Information

The section of the T&S Canal at Eisey was abandoned in 1927 by Gloucestershire County Council and the land sold off to adjacent landowners. The Co-Operative Group own both Rucks Bridge and Eisey Lock with the Clarke Trust owning the section in between.

The Trust is grateful to both organisations for their permission to work on the canal and their support.

Part of the funding for the project has come from Tarmac as part of a planning agreement related to their quarrying activities just upstream of the project.

When these projects started, they were the easternmost parts of the canal to be worked on by the Cotswold Canals Trust. Subsequently, the Trust has carried out work at Oatlands Bridge near Kempsford and has acquired the ownership of Inglesham Lock together with the junction with the Thames and a further quarter of a mile of canal at the start of the canal.

The Trust has also set up an Eastern Depot at Alex Farm to help support the restoration of the eastern end of the canal. This is a large facility organsised and run by local Trust Volunteers.

Further Information about other aspects of the Cotswold Canals restoration:-

Comprehensive information about the Cotswold Canals Project can be found at:

The Cricklade Country Way includes the restoration of the North Wilts Canal which links the T&S to the Wilts & Berks Canal in Swindon.



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