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The Cotswold Canals Trust's web site covering all aspects of the Trust's work and activities.
Dig Deep is a consortium of independent canal groups who act together to enable canal societies to optimise the work of volunteer canal restorers. There are currently five groups participating in the Dig Deep Initiative, they are: Kent & East Sussex Canal Restoration Group (KESCRG), NWPG Canal Restoration, London Waterway Recovery Group, Waterway Recovery Group BITM ("Bit in the middle") and Essex WRG.

Eisey Lock was added to their project list for work in 2008.
The Cotswold Canals Partnership's web site contains a great deal about the project including reports and studies about the heritage of the canals and why they should be restored. There is also information about the Conservation Management Plan which guides both the restoration and ongoing management of the canal to maximise its heritage, recreational and environmental/wildlife value.

This site contains information about the Company of Proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation, the oldest surviving canal company in the world. It also provides navigational information about the canal as it is today. There are also pictures and other information about both the Stroudwater and T&S Canals.

The Inland Waterways Association campaigns to promote the use and restoration of Britain's inland waterways through lobbying Government, Local Councils and the Navigation Authorities, consultation, giving advice, organising and providing manpower for projects, fund raising and giving financial aid.

Information about the Cricklade Country Way Project which aims, amongst other things, to restore the North Wilts Canal from Cricklade to Swindon. A new junction with the North Wilts Canal and the Thames & Severn Canal is proposed about 1Km upstream of Eisey Lock.



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